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 GEMS Course: Web Links Chapter 6 Falls
Preventing Falls in the Elderly ---
Better Health Channel offers tips on how lifestyle and environmental changes can help prevent falls.

Visit the Better Health Channel web site
Falls and Older Adults ---
Explores the complications that arise from falls, examines the factors that increase the risk of falling, and lists some preventative measures that can be taken through this Website.

Visit the CDC web site
Causes, the SPLATT Mnemonic, and Prevention ---
This website provides multiple articles containing comprehensive information on falls in the elderly, including causes, the SPLATT mnemonic, the importance of exercise in preventing falls, and the role of the caregiver in prevention.

Visit the New Mexico Geriatric Education Center web site
Guidelines for Preventing Falls ---
The American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons website discusses the frequency of falls in older people, as well as causes and methods of prevention.

Visit the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons web site
Grab Bars and Hip Protectors ---
The good news is that falls can be prevented. This site gives you updated information on preventing falls, including strengthening coordination and external hip protectors.

Visit the web site
Hip Protector Products ---
This website shows types of products that older people can wear to help prevent hip injury.

Visit the web site
Hip Saver Products ---
This website shows more products for prevention of hip injury in older people.

Visit the web site

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